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Frequently asked questions:

Is non-surgical hair replacement right for you?

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Is non-surgical hair replacement suitable for me?


Generally, males have genetic or hereditary thinning associated with male-pattern baldness whereas females tend to have thinning resulting from medical conditions such as alopecia, side effects of medical treatments, stress or simple aging. In this respect some NSHR female clients require only a temporary solution while others will have a longer-term relationship with the studio.

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Here at NSHR in Stockport, Cheshire, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience in hair replacement and as such are able to provide you with a totally comprehensive service, advising you on the best options available.


You can be sure that all advice is impartial and aimed at providing you on the best hair replacement system for your needs.

Can you colour match my hair?


NSHR is a professional salon specialising in different types of non-surgical hair replacement systems. We can match any density and hair colour even with a percentage of white hair. Consultation is required in order to achieve what clients want.

If I have fine hair can I have non-surgical hair replacement?


Our hair replacement systems are specially designed for clients with thinning hair or hair loss.

Will custom hair system damage my own hair?


Non-surgical custom hair replacement systems have a neutral effect on your hair when applied professionally and will not damage your own hair.

How long will my hair last?


Depending on your hair's condition and the base design you choose, your custom hair system/extensions should last between three months to 1 year. This time frame will depend on how you look after your hair after application.

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